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JD Kelly Voice Actor

JD Kelly | Voice Actor


About Me

"The narrator really brought the characters to life..."

Voice Acting, to me, is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It allows me to be part of different worlds and imaginations. As a lover of video games, anime, singing & audio books; voice acting is more than just a job, it’s a passion. I have a small home studio which allows me to quickly send any audition pieces and voice reels if required. I also have a working relationship with Arpeggio Creative, a production company and recording studio. If you are looking for a strong voice over role please contact me through social media or via the contact form on this site.
Thanks for listening.

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  • I specialise in Video Game VO & Motion Capture, Recent games I have been involved in include: Steel Division Normandy 44, Catacombs 1: The Demon War, Virtual Army & Phantasmal : City of Darkness

  • I regularly record audio books for Audible, who have the worlds largest selection of titles. I have recorded a large range of books from video game guides (Destiny, Minecraft, Magic the Gathering & Pokemon Go) to history books, period drama & other non-fiction titles.

  • Animation brings the silver screen and voice actors together, I love seeing the animators craft an image that matches their perception of your voice.

  • On occasion, dialogue needs replacing in film or translated for dubbing in foreign films, this is a great challenge for any VA to emulate the performance that has already been captured.

People I've worked with

Steel Division Normandy 44

Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, developed by Eugen Systems
UK Transport Commander

Home Net Games

Various Games
– Duke Lockwood
– Space Pirate Dregs
– Merchant


Voice Actor
Lead character voice for Phantasmal (Available on Steam and Xbox One)

Haptic Pulse

Virtual Army | Rebel Forces VR Shooter

Multiverse VR

Alpha squad leader – Weston

Repella Fella by CoFlash

Video Game
Australian Prisoner

Spunky Dungeon VR

Voice Actor
Created for the Virtual Reality Global Archiact Jam, individual Gear VR.
Help Wilberton get the treasures hidden within!
Try it on ConstructVR

In Ear Entertainment

Radio Drama and Plays
– Supermarket Matters (Season 1&2)
– 0D Cinema, Live Theatre Double Feature
– No Touching At All
– Paradox
– Highlander’s Hope by Collette Cameron

Snow Business

Corporate Voice Over
– via Arpeggio Creative


Christmas App
Character voices for the Milka Christmas app
– via Arpeggio Creative


Audio Books
Full credit listing avaliable on Audible
Click Here to view
– Key of Sea by Loren Smith
– Java: Beginner’s Guide by Charlie Masterson
– How to Become a Live Audio Mixer by HowExpert Press, Mike Napoli
– Norse Mythology by Matt Clayton
– Pokemon Go: The Master Game Guide! by Brett Hill
– Destiny the Taken King Game Guide Unofficial by The Yuw
– Magic the Gathering Guide by HSE
– Creeptastic by Dr. Block
– ‘Summary of “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor’ by Summary Station
– Minecraft Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Billy Miner

JKP Films

Audio Drama – If Cain Were Abel
Steve Rivers – Police Commissioner

Rise of the Necromancers

Kickstarter Video


14/05/2017 "Super fast execution, and right on the spot. Talented and professional, a big recommendation."

09/05/2017 "This has by far been the best experience" "JD was prompt and over-delivered! The quality of his equipment combined with his talent made for the perfect product." "Thank you so much JD and I look forward to working with you again!"

28/04/2017 "Wow! Just great acting and voice, perfect delivery of the dialogues for our games. I hope that we’ll get the pleasure to work with you in the near future!"

10/03/2017 "Wow. amazing! Love it Outstanding Experience! 5 Stars"

10/03/2017 "I'm glad you decided to work with me."

06/03/2017 "I think you have a great voice and wonderful characterizations."

03/03/2017 "Incredible speed and clarity! Excellent work!"

20/02/2017 "the author made everything simple and made things so clear and concise to make this a very good audio book"

17/02/2017 "the performance made by JD Kelly was excellent"

26/09/2016 "Audible presentation was clear and kept topic interesting and engaging"

13/03/2016 "This is a great 5 star listen"
24/01/2016 "I binge listened multiple chapters at a time. The narrator had a smooth and clear voice even whilst in character. The variety of accents (and there are many) from Scotland to Italy was fantastic and thoroughly entertaining, the narrator really brought the characters to life"

17/04/2015 "J.D.Kelly delivers a stellar performance of a great story. The voice of the hero alone had me in love with him.... Don't miss this one!"

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